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I am not just the director of Right2Left. I'm also a business coach, a web designer, a writer, a blogger, a content collecter, and a photographer with over 30 years of Hospitality & Tourism Experience.

As an avid Facebooker, who wanted to turn their passion into profit, I began my Social Media Training in 2013 while still in my 'day job' as a Hotel Manager, hoping to transition into a Hospitality Marketing Role.


For a year I designed Facebook Pages for friends and a few clients, while I learned the ins and outs of Online Marketing.  Once I graduated in 2015, I presented a campaign to the Company I was working for, but was told I was atleast 2 years ahead of their markeing plan. Not one to wait, it was then I crafted a plan to make the entrepreneurial leap to own and operate my own online business in 2016.

Why focus on Creatives? This is a group who is notoriously challenged with self promotion. Plus, as a child with ADHD I grew into an Adult with ADD... Consequently, I've attracted several adults with ADD into my life, both socially and professionally. Probably because we know how to tolerate each other's short attention span ;} The majority of these master jugglers are Creatives!


On another personal note,  I'm also just to the right of Generation X (a visual doer) which means I can easily translate the Gen Y aka the Millenials (the kinesthetic, adapt-adopt-improve 20-40 somethings) to the Boomers (the auditory driven builders, business owners and upper level management 50+ ). If your business needs help understanding the Generational Gap, I'm here!


Today at Right2Left I mainly focus on Web Design and work with a team of contracted experts who specialize in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, YouTube, Instagram & Pinterest. That said, my love, passion and specialty is being the conduit between creative individuals, and the technical craftsman that can translate their artistic personalities and businesses online. 

It's a Great Job and I have a Great Life! I love that as long as I have my laptop, I can still achieve my deadlines. These days you can often find me woking in an Airport Lounge as I continue to enjoy feeding my wanderlust for travel.


Here's to everyone having the opportunity and courage to be paid to do what they love! P. 

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